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The new player makes it easy for you navigate through and engage with an expansive array of high quality content: read the latest on what's happening with your favorite artists or find out what's happening at your local station; watch original videos; listen to podcasts; discover new music and see photo slideshows, all while listening to your favorite music, news or sports radio.

For FAQ and troubleshooting help, click here.

All play controls are contained in the top-most "controller bar". There is a lot of helpful information here; Station and Song Info, Scrobble button, Station Sharing, Favorite button, bandwidth selector, play/pause/stop, skip, volume adjustment and station search.

There is a slight difference in the appearance of the controller based on what kind of station you're listening to - Interactive or Non-Interactive.

Interactive Controller:
interactive controller

Non-Interactive Controller:
over the air controller

Interactive vs Non-Interactive

There are two distinct kinds of stations; interactive & non-interactive. Interactive stations include all of AOL & Yahoo! stations and a handful of CBS RADIO online-only stations, like 40 + Reunion Radio stations including top songs from 1960 to the present. Non-interactive stations include all of CBS RADIO's over-the-air sports, news and music stations, like WFAN, 1010 WINS, and KROQ.

The main difference between interactive and non-interactive stations is the ability to skip songs. Every time you launch an interactive station, you will be listening to a unique music experience. No two streams are the same! With non-interactive stations, you will be listening to the same stream that is being broadcast over the air. If you're in Los Angeles, you can listen to a station in New York as if you were really there! It's like being in two places at once!

Station & Song Information

The most prominent item in the main controller is the station and song information window. This displays the currently-playing station and song information. The station name appears on top, while the Song and Artist name appears on the bottom. During ad breaks, the station's slogan will appear.


Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile. This feature requires that you have an account with

Scrobbling Off scrobble off
Scrobbling On scrobble on


The first time the scrobble button is pressed, an overlay appears explaining scrobbling, linking out to

Scrobble button pressed the first time
scrobble overlay


If you have a account, you will be prompted to "grant access" to the player to start scrobbling. If you do not have a account, you will need to create one before you can scrobble the player.

Once associated, you can toggle the scrobble button on and off at will, allowing you to start and stop scrobbling whenever you'd like.

Station Sharing

Sharing a station allows you to connect friends to some of the internet's best radio stations. Selecting the share icon will pop-up a window with a variety of sharing options; facebook, myspace, twitter or a dozen more networks, in addition to sending an e-mail.

Station Share share
Station Sharing
share a song


The sent messages can be changed, but default to "I've been listening to [station name]. If you'd like to hear [station tagline], check it out on"

Favorites (Presets)

The star (favorite) icon is available with every station, and when pressed, the star illuminates blue indicating that the station has been added as a favorite. To access your favorite list, simply press the Favorites button in the station guide.


Bandwidth Setting

You can alter the bandwidth connection of the stream you're listening to simply by clicking on the "HI/LOW" button found in the controller. "HI" delivers a stream of around 64 Kbps, while "LOW" will come in at around 32 Kbps.



The play controls vary, depending on the type of station you are listening to. Interactive stations have pause control, while non-interactive stations can only be stopped.

Play Pause Stop

While listening to an interactive station, you can pause a song and return to it later. While listening to a non-interactive station, you can stop and restart a stream, but not pause it.


Interactive stations allow you to skip songs that you may not be in the mood to listen to. Non-interactive stations do not.

You will know if you can skip a song if the skip button is in the 'active' state. If the button is inactive, you will not be able to skip any music.

Active Inactive


Skip Counter

Though skipping is fun, it comes with great responsibility... DMCA law prohibits more than six (6) skips every hour. In case you have trouble counting, we'll do it for you! On interactive stations only the skip counter displays in a small blue circle next to the skip button.

6 Skips 5 Skips 0 Skips

Every time you skip a song, the number will decrease by one (1), until it reaches zero (0). When reaching 0, a message will appear reminding you that you have exceeded your skip allotment for the hour. As time forges forward, you may notice that the skip counter will begin counting up, back to 6.

Volume Adjustment

The volume button can be pressed to mute. Alternatively, mousing over the volume button will display a volume slider. Volume is saved between sessions, so when you restart the player, the volume will remain at the same level.

Volume Mute Adjust


Sometimes you know precisely what you are looking for, but don't know how to navigate to it! These are the moments search was made for! You can search by station name, call letters, location (city) or genre.

To find a station you'd like to listen to, simply begin typing in the main control search box. Results will automagically display in the Station Guide, updated as you type! You can search for stations by station name, station genre, or station location. You will know when you have entered search mode by the red bar atop the station list. To close your search, simply press the "x" to return to the default station guide.

The default search view will display all stations meeting the search criteria. Selecting any tabs (category or sort-type) will return only stations that meet the search criteria (while in search mode).

Station Guide Search


Since you are here already, chances are you've found the help button. In case you accidentally found this page, the round question mark button next to the search box will bring you to this FAQ.

Help Button help me

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Song History

Every song you listen to is contained in the new Visual History module. The currently-playing song is always in the left-most position of the module, with history extending to the right. When there are more than 3 items in your personalized history, a scroll-bar appears, allowing you to browse every song you've listened to. This history persists as long as your session is active (until you close the browser window or refresh the page).

Visual History

The Song Toolbar and Artist Info sections default to displaying the currently-playing song, but is updated on selection of a history item. When selecting an item in history, the station name where the song played will display (in white) above the album art, and the artist and song name will display in white:

Selected History

In addition, if the item selected is played on a station other than the one currently being played, a small play icon appears next to the station name. Selecting this icon or the station name will start playing this station. It's an easy way to return to a station you've recently listened to!

Song Toolbar

The Song Toolbar, immediately below the visual history module, displays the currently-playing (or currently-selected) song name and contains three options; rating, sharing and buying.


The five stars in the song toolbar allow you to rate a song from 1 - 5 (1 star being dislike, 5 stars being like a lot). Rating songs provides station programmer's insight on what's a hit and what's not. You can rate a song while it's playing, or by selecting a song from the visual history. Simply mouse over the stars and "click" on the rating you'd like.


Much like the station sharing, selecting the share icon will open an overlay allowing you to share the currently playing (or selected) song:

Song Sharing
share a song


The share overlay connects you with a variety of sharing options. You can post a song you love to facebook, twitter, or any of a dozen social networks as well as send an email to your friends. Sharing songs with friends has never been easier!


There are multiple ways to buy a song through the player. Selecting the share icon will expose up to four e-commerce options available. Each of these will open a new window to allow you to complete your purchase(s).

buy a song

Station Guide

The station guide is a powerful tool, and mastering it will provide you with a near-endless array of music, news and sports content! The main navigation contains four (4) buttons; Music, News, Sports, and Favorites. Within each category, you have the power of filters to help sift through the array of possibilites. These filters provide the ability to sort by genres, cities or partners.

By Genre By City All Stations
Music Genres Music Genres Music Genres


You also have the option of browsing through CBS RADIO's world-class News & Sports stations:

News Stations Sports Stations
News Cities Sports Cities

Note that when selecting one of the four main navigation buttons will only display stations contained within those categories. If you select "News" then "Cities," only cities that contain news stations will appear.


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While listening to music stations, an artist info section will display. This content includes photos, a bio, tags, and touring information courtesy of our friends at

Artist Name
Photo Gallery
Artist Radio
Artist Bio

Artist Name

The artist name appears atop this section, changing as songs change or when selecting a song from the visual history. If the artist is on tour, a red "on tour" banner will appear. Clicking it will link to concert dates on You can also see how often the artist is scrobbled, providing some context around the popularity of the artist amongst users.

Artist Image Gallery

The new player allows you to browse through a sampling of up to 20 artist images in the photo gallery, brought to you by You can browse thumbnails by pressing the blue arrows. Selecting a thumbnail image will render the full image to the left of the navigation:

Thumbnail Navigation
thumbnail navigation

Artist Radio

When hearing a song you love is not enough, now offers you the power to stream radio based on your favorite artist! By pressing on this button,'s algorithm takes over playback and will serve not only music by your favorite artist, but music similar to and inspired by your favorite artist.

Artist Biography

Have you ever wondered how a band started? Or the inspiration behind your favorite songs? Now you can wonder no more! The player now provides you with relevant information about your favorite artists! Displayed within the player is a short synopsis. Select the "Read more on" button to read everything that is known about an artist. If you are registered with you can even edit and contribute to the description.

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Related Station Links Stations

Every station that you can access in the player provides external links to things you are sure to enjoy; whether music videos, special offers or weather updates.

Related Stations

Just beneath the featured station links, there are recommended stations for you to discover. These can be stations similar to the one you are listening to - because of the content of the station or the proximity its broadcasting from.

Related Stations

Sometimes you want to take control into your own hands and focus your listening experience around a particular artist or tag/genre. This section provides links to playback Artist or Tag Radio, powered by, where the currently-playing artist is the inspiration behind the playback experience. It's a powerful new way that truly brings you exactly what you want to hear.

Related Artists

The related artists section helps you discover new music. Every song that's played provides at least 4 recommendations for music you are sure to enjoy. Be careful, though, as music discovery can be addictive.

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Primary Feed

The Station Feed contains the freshest content from the station you are listening to. Every post links through to the station's site, so every station can link through to anything you'd like to know about a particular station!

Every time a station is changed, this content is dynamically updated to reflect the station that is playing.

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The Create Station button gives you the power to listen to radio based on an artist of your choice.

Simply enter an artist name in the dropdown bar and press play to hear a radio stream based on tracks by that artists and similar artists.

Personalized radio is powered by builds these stations by automatically comparing the music taste of millions of listeners around the world, matching tracks they listen to to music people who like similar artists also like.

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1. What software do I need?

The player works entirely through your browser, so you do not need any separate software. You do, however, need Flash Player for your browser, which is often already installed. If not, you can get the latest Flash Player plug-in (currently Version 10) for your browser here:

PC and Macintosh Users: Download Flash Player for All Platforms here

2. What type of Internet Connection do I need?

All radio stations are available to narrowband (dial-up) and broadband users, but they will receive those stations at different bit rates to ensure the optimal experience for their bandwidth. Broadband listeners should be prepared to handle a stream of around 64 Kbps, while narrowband will come in at around 32 Kbps. To see how to change your connection speed setting, click here.

Supported Browsers:

Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x
Safari 3.2+
Mozilla Firefox 3+

We are constantly working to expand our supported browsers, so if yours is not listed above, check back soon.

3. Why can't I skip songs?

Skipping songs is only available when listening to interactive stations. If the skip icon is grayed-out, you are most likely listening to a non-interactive station.

Another possibility is that you have exceeded the allowable skip allotment, as determined by the DMCA, which is 6 per hour. The skip counter will display a "0" and an error message will display indicating that you have no skips remaining

4. Why is my player falling asleep?

The player will stop streaming music if it is left unattended for over two hours. Unattended means if your computer goes into sleep mode and/or there is no one clicking on the player. The reason for this is there are costs associated with playing the internet radio you love, and we want to make sure when the music is playing, there is someone there to enjoy it. If streaming for 70 minutes without a single click on the player, a warning prompt will appear that reads: "Your player is about to fall asleep. Just move your mouse over this message to keep listening!" If you don't mouse over the player, five minutes later, the player will go to sleep.

5. How do I prevent my player from falling asleep?

The player will never fall asleep for active listeners. Simply mousing over the player will prevent the player from getting tired. With so many features available to interact with, there's little reason why the player would go unattended for over two hours!

6. I received an error that reads "This station is unavailable from your current location". Why?

Due to strict licensing laws, can only be accessed from within the United States. If you see this error, you must be accessing the player from another country. While is irreplaceable, we recommend you try out endless personalized radio stations and discover more music at as an alternative.

7. My audio is stopping, or stuttering. What can I do?

Try closing unnecessary programs that are running at the same time. Graphic and video editors, in particular, take up a lot of memory and resources.

If you have a large download in progress, slow it down or stop it when listening - the player needs a steady stream of data from the internet.

Your browser's cache may need to be cleared out - see below for instructions on how to do it.

If none of this helps, fill out a trouble report at the bottom of this page.

8. How can I reset to manufacturer settings?

Many software applications (like add-on messenger services or toolbars) take over control certain aspects of Internet Explorer. If you notice issues playing / streaming using Internet Explorer, you may want to reset it to the manufacturer settings. 99.999% of the time this will fix any issue with IE.

In IE7:

1. Click 'Tools'

2. Then 'Internet Options'

3. 'Advanced Tab'

4. Click 'Reset', 'Reset' again...

9. How can I clear my Flash Player cache?

Right click in the middle of your player, then select the "Settings" option. Click on the folder icon tab, and you will see this window.

Move the slider all the way down to "0 KB". Confirm by clicking "OK".

After clearing the cache you may immediately set it back to its previous setting. Then please close all your browser windows and restart the player in a new instance of your browser.

For more information, please consult Macromedia.

10. I received an Adobe 'Local Storage' pop-up. What does it mean?

Right click in the middle of your player, then select the "Settings" option. Click on the folder icon tab, and you will see this window.

Local Storage Error

This messaging is part of the Adobe Flash player, and this URL explains everything related to Local Storage Settings.


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Without the tireless efforts of the following individuals, this player would not exist:

Max Brown, Allen Dam, Jeff Earhart, Mona Fawzy, Ingrid Ho, Michael J. Horan, Eddy Li, Stephanie P. Liu, Mike Peoples, Akshya Rampal, Gesche Josina Roerden, Jeffrey Shabashev, Oli Stephensen, Ivan Surya, and Mark Torres.

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